How to reset Oculus PIN if you forgot it

How to reset Oculus PIN if you forgot it

Recently, I was testing a new game on the VR headset not at home, and found out I do not remember my PIN when I was trying to sign in to the LED screen in one of the offices.

Did it happen to you as well?

You're not the only one you forgot Oculus PIN. Your PIN can be found and reset in a variety of ways.

You can still reset your PIN if you inadvertently put your Oculus emails in your spam folder or if you don't have time to read them.

One of three easy steps is all that is necessary.

VR headset

Although VR video games are the most common application for VR headsets, they are also employed in simulators and training programs.

The Oculus Quest was created by Oculus, a division of Facebook, Inc., and released on May 21, 2019.

Instead of using external sensors, it uses internal sensors and a number of cameras on the front of the headset to allow positional tracking with six degrees of freedom.

The “Pass through” safety function, which displays a view from the cameras when a user leaves a designated border region, also makes use of the cameras.

Oculus PIN

You must input the Oculus PIN to confirm your account before using your Oculus headset.

This digital ID guards against fraudulent transactions and access to your personal data on your account.

There are 4 digits in it. It is used in all your Oculus devices, from the mobile app to a PC version.

Additionally, it verifies any purchases made through the Oculus Store.

After entering your Oculus PIN, you can add your other accounts to your headset.

It is advised that you pick a PIN that is simple for you to remember.

What if I lost it?

Visit the Oculus website to reset your PIN if you've lost it.

You can also use the community website or email to get in touch with the business.

Also, the business provides chat, email, and WhatsApp help. Inquiries are typically answered by the firm in two to three business days.

To reset your Oculus PIN, you must sign in on your computer. Once you have done that, you will receive an email containing a reset link.

It will take you 1 or 2 minutes to change or reset a password if you do not remember it.

It can be changed

Your Oculus PIN is a five-digit account-specific code.

It's a crucial account security feature that guards against illegal transactions and account modifications.

You must input this PIN on the official website in order to alter it because it is not available on popular security apps.

You can now enter the Oculus store after setting your PIN.

Log in to your Oculus account first. After that, choose the app and the price you want to pay. Select a new PIN after that and press the Save button.

What’s Oculus Quest 2 Pin?

The Oculus PIN is a five-digit code the system uses to identify and defend you personally.

The PIN code you entered protects all of your private information, purchases, and account settings.

This might be the critical factor in later changing the characteristics of your account and authenticating your transactions.

Is there a place where I can discover my PIN?

Even if you are already registered in the app or website or have access to the other primary safety choices, none of them will immediately know your PIN.

Therefore, the only way to find and retrieve your PIN is to reset it using the official website or app.

Reset your Oculus PIN

Oculus employs the Oculus PIN, a five-digit security identifier, to safeguard your private information, purchases, and account settings.

The PIN, which is hidden during sign-in, is necessary to access some account functions.

By following the directions in your reset email, you can reset your PIN if you lose it. Alternatively, you can write to Oculus support or use their online community.

You must go into your account on the Oculus website in order to reset your Oculus PIN.

Both the app and the headset are unable to reset the PIN. Your PIN can be reset using the Oculus PC client, however, mobile devices cannot utilize this method.

Use a more memorable code if you do choose to modify your PIN.

You can also use the Oculus Quest support portal to help you reset your Oculus PIN. You will need to sign in and create a support account. Or you can simply call them.

Oculus PC app

A five-digit code called the Oculus PIN is used to verify your identity and secure your data.

Simply log back into the website and follow the steps to reset your PIN if you've forgotten it. Your new Oculus PIN ought to be prepared for use once you've finished these procedures.

Users of Oculus Quest 2 can also change their Oculus PIN. The Oculus Quest PIN can be changed using the PC software.

Oculus uses the five-digit PIN on the Oculus Quest 2 to confirm the owner.

Resetting in the app

If you are requested to use the Oculus PC app to change or reset your Oculus PIN, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the Oculus app on a computer

  2. Find “Settings”.

  3. Click on “Oculus PIN” in “Account”.

  4. Make a new Oculus PIN and enter it.

  5. Click on “Submit”.

Change your Oculus PIN on the mobile app by doing the described actions:

In the Oculus mobile app, tap on the profile picture.

Tap on “Oculus Account Settings”.

Type in your Oculus PIN. When choosing a new PIN, do not enter the same PIN.

Press Submit.

Does it work in the Samsung Oculus app?

You forgot the Oculus PIN from your Samsung Gear VR app. Not a problem. The procedure of resetting is similar:

  1. Go to the Oculus mobile app.

  2. Tap on “More”.

  3. Tap on “Forgot Oculus PIN”.

  4. Enter your current Oculus PIN.

  5. Insert a new PIN and save.

Another way to edit your Oculus PIN

Log in to your oculus account. Next, select any Oculus app or game. It will show you details of the game such as time and weight and so on.

To make the system want you to use the Oculus PIN, you will need to try purchasing the game or app. Tap on the price button in the game description.

Do not worry, you will not have to buy anything.

Below you will see the button Forgot PIN.

As you need to enter Oculus PIN to pay for a game or app, but you have to edit Oculus PIN only, after pressing Forgot PIN, enter a new PIN in the same name window.

This time, create a new PIN with 4 or 5 digits memorable, and do not forget it!

The new PIN should be entered twice, as a created one, and the second time when you are asked to confirm a new PIN.

Finally, tap Submit and you are done!

Steps to reset Oculus PIN

Below are the steps to reset the PIN code if you forgot the PIN:

  1. Go to the main Oculus website

  2. Log in to your Oculus account

  3. Find Safety on the left menu, press it

  4. Oculus PIN is right there

  5. You can edit it

  6. Click on Forgot PIN

  7. Request PIN Reset

  8. An email will be sent to the address you registered with

  9. Check the spam folder if it wasn't

  10. Follow the steps in the email to reset the PIN.

Summing up

If you remember your password (Oculus PIN), you will have no problems changing it at any time. All you need is to reset your Oculus PIN.

You might have more steps to follow if you forgot Oculus Pin and need to reset the PIN.

There are a few ways to reset your oculus PIN – you can try to buy a new game or app and then press the Forgot PIN via your Oculus account in the Oculus mobile app or request a PIN reset via contact Oculus support.

Contact Oculus support after you tried to request a PIN reset in your Oculus account, but the email did not reach you.

You can either email, chat, or send a WhatsApp message to them.

Ideally, they are 24/7 to help you with your issues. Changing the Oculus PIN is one of them. However, practice shows they respond to your requests during 1 or 2 weekdays.