How to change battery in Oculus controller with maximum efficiency

Lithium batteries have long become the conventional standard on the market. So you might have been surprised to learn that the Oculus Quest 2 you just bought uses a different power source, a regular alkaline AA battery. How do you remove the battery from an Oculus controller? How do you change batteries in Oculus controllers? Keep reading to find out.

Opening the battery cover in the Oculus Quest 2 controllers

The battery replacement process is relatively straightforward. Just follow those simple steps.

1. Turn your Oculus Quest-2 controllers upside down for a better grip and locate the small eject symbol on the side of the device. You might have seen similar imprints on other appliances; it is shaped like a triangle. This is the battery cover.

2. Put your thumb on the cover and slide it upwards, the way the triangle is pointing.


The cover is fitted pretty tightly, so you'll need to apply quite a bit of pressure, especially if it's the first time you're replacing the AA battery in the controller. If you're having trouble moving the cover, search “how do I open the battery in my Oculus touch controller?” on YouTube.

3. Upon removing the cover, you'll see the single AA battery that powers the controller. Remove it, and put a new one into the battery compartment. Just make sure that the orientation is correct.

Checking the battery power

Congrats, you've successfully replaced the batteries in your Oculus Quest 2 controllers. Keep in mind that you won't need to do this very often since the controllers have very long battery life. A single AA battery is reported to last for weeks or even months, even if you play regularly.

However, you still might want to check the battery level. It is incredibly frustrating when your controller suddenly runs out of power in the middle of an intense match.

1. The first step is to open the Oculus home screen.

2. Once you're there, just look down and you should see the menu section. If you can't see it, simply push the Oculus button.

3. Click on the left side of the menu bar to bring up the quick settings window.

4. In the top-left corner of the window, you will see three icons with three numbers next to them. Neat little goggles represent your headset, and two circles are for the left and the right controller. And the numbers show you the battery levels in each of the devices.

When the battery level in one of them gets critically low, the corresponding icon will turn red, telling you that you'll need a replacement battery soon.

Recharging the Oculus Quest 2 headset

By the way, did you notice that there was no mention of the headset yet? This is because, in contrast to the controllers, the Oculus Quest 2 headset uses an integrated battery, the one that’s installed in your phone, tablet, and numerous other gadgets.

This kind of power cell is rechargeable. So once the battery power in your Oculus Quest 2 headset is depleted, just juice it back up using the USB-C cable.

Is there a way of recharging the Oculus Quest 2 controllers?

The controllers are powered by AA batteries, and there’s nothing we can really do about it. Alkaline AA batteries cannot be recharged, and have to be properly disposed of after use. This is not very good news for several reasons.

First, you're going to have to go to the store to buy a replacement battery, which might be quite inconvenient.

Second, it's not very economical. A couple of batteries may not seem like a big deal, but, eventually, these expenses add up.

And finally, there's a question of ecology. A used AA battery must be recycled. Unfortunately, there are just not enough recycling facilities in most regions of the world.

Rechargeable AA batteries

You might be wondering, how do I charge my Oculus controller then? There’s a great alternative to alkaline batteries, a rechargeable battery. They are the same shape and size as disposable ones, and they’ll fit perfectly into your controllers.

Rechargeable AA batteries cost a little bit more, and you’re also gonna need to buy a recharging station, but in the long run, this investment will save you a lot of money and time. They're also very energy efficient and have long battery life.

Once the battery level starts approaching zero, just take the batteries out of the controllers following the instructions above and then insert them into the station to power them up. You can buy two sets of batteries and use them on rotation. This way, you'll always have one pair available while the other's recharging.

Ways to power rechargeable batteries Oculus Quest 2

A rechargeable battery is a great solution for powering up your Oculus Quest 2 controllers. They are very cost-efficient and can reliably serve you for years. The main downside is that you need to take the batteries out to charge them. This, however, can also be fixed very easily.

There are a couple of advanced charging docks currently available on the market. The manufacturers are licensed by Meta; therefore, the docks are specifically designed to be compatible with the Oculus Quest 2.

Anker chargers

You could've heard about other Anker products, such as wireless magnetic power banks for smartphones. Now, the company's also offering a unified charging dock for Oculus Quest 2.

This charging dock allows users to charge all three devices simultaneously. The headset is connected to the dock via a USB-C port, while the controllers are placed into special slots for wireless charging.

Anker comes with two rechargeable batteries and battery compartment covers that enable wireless charging.


A magnetic charging kit from BeswinVR is a more affordable alternative. It uses a magnetic charging port through which your Oculus Quest 2 controllers can be easily recharged.


So that's how you power up your Oculus Quest 2 controllers. Pretty easy, isn't it?

Both the Anker charging dock and BeswinVR are a bit on the pricey side; however, Anker costs about $99 and the Beswin cables are about $50. So, I, personally, would recommend a regular charging dock.