Electronic tattoos, this is the technology that Bill Gates says will replace cell phones

Cell phones have been with us for so many years that it's getting harder to remember when the first ones looked like briefcases for firing nuclear weapons, but they have evolved. Today, cell phones have gobbled up everything almost destroying entire markets like compact cameras and taking a lot of weight off others like personal computers. Although in the latter tablets are also very guilty.

Cell phones are now the center of almost the entire technology market, but it wasn't always that way and it seems that it won't be. Now manufacturers are trying to focus on solidifying ecosystems, turning to virtual reality, or even making their products work on refrigerator screens. But Bill Gates believes the product that will replace cell phones already exists: electronic tattoos.

Smart ink with integrated sensors

Now that tattoos have finally exploded and gone mainstream normallySeldom doesn't have his cat face on his ankle, a heart on his hip, or the whole world on his collarbone. The next evolutionary step seems clear: give tattoos added value beyond the sentimental and aesthetic. Chaotic Moon seems to have found it, and Bill Gates thinks they've hit the nail on the head.

Chaotic Moon is a technology development team that was purchased by Accenture in 2015. It is a team in the United States that excels in throwing risky designs on the funding tables, and that in just over 10 years of life (they were born in 2010) has attracted the attention of Bill Gates with his electronic tattoos.

The electronic tattoos proposed by Chaotic Moon are on the border between aesthetics and biotechnology. We are not talking about the implantation of chips or other components as in bionics, but the tattoo ink itself is the key to everything. It is an ink with "nanotrackers" that can collect, receive and send information.

Although applications for other technological fields are already in the minds of its creators, the focus is currently on medicine. electronic tattoos they must be able to notify us when a fever is detected, of certain infections and other changes in our internal physiology. Its sensors would take care of this and automatically send a notification to our cell phone. In the same way, they could measure our daily life and even store information like medical reports in our body.

The development of these applications can easily lead to tattoos being used to locate us or as a means of communication with other users, so they would subtract many daily charges from current cell phones. Bill Gates, a well-known philanthropist who now serves as an analyst and predictor of what is to come, believes that these electronic tattoos will eventually replace cell phones. At least, in importance, to say the least. And as he believes, he has invested in the company.