Cloud solutions for blockchain deployment

Reasons for using blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS).

Companies that want to use blockchain technology in the enterprise are faced with the decision of operating their own infrastructure or using the services of one of the numerous blockchain-as-a-service providers. We provide an overview.

Companies that already use blockchain technologies and have a precise idea of how blockchain should be used in the network, together with partners, can either rely on their own infrastructure or book blockchain services in the cloud.

However, companies that do not yet have a precise plan of how the blockchain is to be used are also faced with the decision of whether to operate their own servers or whether to rely on a cloud provider here as well.

Lack of know-how and expertise

Many blockchain projects fail because internal know-how is lacking, resulting in wrong decisions that are difficult or impossible to reverse. Many of these problems can be avoided with BaaS solutions, where many tasks are outsourced to partners. In addition, when carrying out a blockchain project, there is the added challenge that many problems have to be solved simultaneously in different places. Here, a competent partner on the side is indispensable in order not to let the project fail for the wrong reasons.

Blockchain-as-a-Service is ready for use more quickly

Setting up your own blockchain infrastructure may still be easy to implement for testing and development purposes. But when it comes to scaling, or connecting additional partners, installing and commissioning your own infrastructure becomes a challenge. In addition, there are numerous different requirements, extensions and additional services that need to be implemented in a blockchain environment.

In addition, there is not enough know how in many companies to be able to determine which solution and tools are even necessary. When booking a Blockchain-as-a-Service solution, for example via Microsoft Azure, it can be ensured that the Blockchain environment is ready for use in the shortest possible time and has been configured to meet all requirements. In most cases, the basic infrastructure is up and running in a matter of minutes to hours at most. This accelerates the project's lead time enormously.

If in-house infrastructures are built, in most cases it is not yet clear at the beginning of the project which tools and solutions will be required during the course of the project. By using Blockchain-as-a-Service, companies have maximum flexibility and in most cases the provider of the Blockchain-as-a-Service environment provides a selection of the necessary tools. This way, customers benefit from the provider's know-how and also receive help in case of problems. If booked tools are no longer required, the corresponding subscription simply has to be cancelled.

Partners can be connected faster

Hardly any other area thrives as comprehensively on the fact that connections can be established quickly and without problems as blockchain applications. Due to the necessary transparency of the blockchain alone, such a solution is only practicable to use if nodes and partners can be implemented easily, quickly and securely. Cloud solutions are ideal for this, as all partners do not have to connect to the corporate network, but the cloud creates the possibility for all necessary partners to connect conveniently and securely. If connections to the corporate network are necessary, then the Internet line and firewall must be able to carry out an effective and stable connection. In addition, there are various rules for the firewall that speed up access and configuration. When using cloud solutions, this can be implemented much faster and easier.

Expansion with additional services possible more quickly

Many blockchain-as-a-service providers not only provide blockchain services from various manufacturers, but also offer additional services for data processing and analysis that are often also required by the blockchain applications. In the cloud, it is easily possible to book additional services. If the right provider is chosen, it will provide all the necessary services. If the services of the provider are not sufficient, it is much easier to connect the cloud services of another provider than to connect such services in the own data center.

Blockchain-as-a-service is more secure

Those who do not have extensive experience in the field of blockchain technologies and in connecting cloud infrastructures to their own network also have the problem of optimally securing the environment in most cases. Of course, especially when operating blockchain solutions, security and data protection are important issues. Blockchain-as-a-service providers have the experience and the technologies to operate the platform with maximum security and at the same time with stability and performance.

In many cases, blockchain projects involve the use of numerous tools and various applications. These must be regularly updated and patched. These tasks cost time and require experience. When booking Blockchain-as-a-Service, the provider takes over these tasks and thus ensures that the environment can be deployed in a stable and secure manner.

Scalability in the cloud

Once a blockchain solution is in place and being used productively, sooner or later there comes a time when the solution needs to be expanded quickly to allow more partners and users to connect. Scalability is one of the main advantages in the cloud. Conversely, resources can also be reduced when a particular project is completed and the resources are no longer needed. Even virtual or hyperconverged environments in local data centers cannot scale as quickly and effectively as cloud solutions.