Cloud solutions for blockchain deployment

Reasons for using blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS)

Companies that want to use blockchain technology in the enterprise are faced with the decision of operating their own infrastructure or using the services of one of the numerous blockchain-as-a-service providers. We provide an overview.

Companies that already use blockchain technologies and have a precise idea of how blockchain should be used in the network, together with partners, can either rely on their own infrastructure or book blockchain services in the cloud. more...


The blockchain has become known through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. But it is also gaining importance in other sectors of the economy, such as logistics or IT auditing.

The technology of the blockchain

The blockchain works with encrypted data that is chronologically chained together: A block is appended to an original data record, then another block, and on and on. The result is a history of data records that map financial transactions, for example. more...